About Us

We appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about what makes Digital Planet work.

Our story began in 1999, inspired by the Internet boom happening all over the world.

Neil Watson and Mark Levy (known affectionately by our staff as the brain and the mouth of Digital Planet) decided to open up one of South Africa’s first electronic online stores.

Launching during the early days of e-commerce meant that we needed to learn how to solve technical and logistical issues never before tackled in SA. Being an early player in the online game we built new systems, processes and created new skill-sets.

As the South African e-commerce landscape grew, it soon became clear that there were not enough e-commerce skills in the country to fill the increasing need and so we decided to transition from an online retailer to a full outsource provider of e-commerce and order fulfillment, customer service and strategic channel development. HP Shop was our first customer in 2002 and they are still with us today, 13 years later.

Our Philosophy

It all starts with empathy. Understanding what the customer experiences in their journey with your company should drive how the processes work.

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We want each and every interaction with your Brand to be Experience Awesome!


We follow a simple formula of engagement:


A deep understanding of your goals and objectives allows us to plan and craft a solution just for you


We build high quality solutions on top of our advanced technology stacks


We will help you run your website, customer touch points and operations to the highest standards


Through continuous self-improvement, we are able to constantly adapt our offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients.

We think and act for the long term in our relationships with our clients and in how we conduct our business.

Our Unique Solutions

It is all about

Your brand, your clients and your needs are unique to your business. We are able to conceptualise, build and run an integrated customer-centric enterprise platform for our clients.

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