What we do

We partner with companies like banks, telcos and others to create new business opportunities for them. It’s because we have the special knowhow to combine technology products and services to create one-of-a-kind complementary business channels that add value to your business and your customers. We do it because we believe that we can make South Africa a better place through access to technology.

source technology products

We combine technology products and services to create uniquely structured offerings – like only we know how

We have an unusual approach and skill set which allows us to create unique technology product and service bundles for our clients. We match your business and customer needs to create tailored offerings that will benefit everyone.

enriching sa through tech

We believe that information enabled by technology can change the face of our country for the better.

That’s why we focus on adding value to the lives of your customers through connecting them with extras like education vouchers or WiFi access at hotspots.

new business channels

We create new business channels through technology products and services

Need to grow your business? Look no further. Digital Planet will work with you to create and implement complementary business channels, while you focus on what you do best.

customer value adds

We deliver added value for your customers that complements your core offering

If your brand aims to add value to the lives of your customers, we can help you deliver on your promise seamlessly. We operate like we’re part of your team and design channels that plug into your systems to create a seamless process.

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