We built a channel that helped Nedbank’s clients see money differently

How we helped South Africa’s green bank deliver on their awesome rewards programmes.


Nedbank serves over 8 million people across the continent and is well known for being an African bank with an ethos of giving value back to their clients. They needed a partner to help them bring their Greenbacks and AMEX rewards programmes to life.

The Challenge

Nedbank needed a solution that accelerated their speed to market and a partner who could give their clients instant access to a world of awesome technology products, as well as manage a rewards redemption ecommerce system and subsequent fulfilment process.

The Solution

The Digital Planet team kicked into gear and worked closely with Nedbank to build an ecommerce channel for their Greenbacks and AMEX membership rewards brands.

We developed and implemented an integrated process, from procurement to delivery, servicing, customer queries and warranty fulfilment. This, along with a strategic marketing effort, was instrumental in growing the channel.

The objectives

To develop a product offering that projects the core values of technology enrichment, i.e.:

Services Offered


Product procurement


Stock supply and management


Order management (API into Digital Planet’s order management system)


Client-address verification before delivery


Customer order deliveries


Warehousing of all products


Courier management and end-customer delivery facilitation


Call centre for all product and delivery queries


Technical support desk


Product warranty and management of all after sales


Full 360-degree fulfilment solution


Analytics and conversion testing


Partner management

The Results

Launch Result

    • year-on-year growth in orders25%
    • growth in Nedbank Rewards customers in 201812%
    • growth in products on the Nedbank online store from 2016 to 201840%
    • Increased supplier communication to create content relevant to everyday use100%
    • Greenbacks customers grew from 800,000 in 2016 to 1.1 million in 2018 months of launch100%