Team Vitality Contact Form

Team Vitality Service: 0112367824

1What if I require my running or cycling license?

You can contact Team Vitality on 0860 99 88 77.

2What will my Kit consist of?

You will receive 2 fragrance sachets, a postcard, a draw string bag and the applicable kit :-)

3I have received my Team Vitality kit but I have chosen the incorrect size. Can I change it?

Yes you can change the size by contacting our Service team on 011 236 7824.

4Can I cancel my order before delivery?

Yes, you can by emailing us or calling us on 011 236 7824 . Remember to quote your Order number or ID number as your reference number.

5Can I collect my order?

Unfortunately, no collections are allowed from either Digital Planet or our courier agent for security reasons.

6Will I be notified on the day of delivery?

Yes, you can expect a reminder via SMS on the morning of delivery :-)

7What if the arranged delivery date or time no longer suits me?

To change your delivery date or time please contact us on 011 236 7824.

8Can someone else accept delivery on my behalf?

Yes, someone else can accept delivery on your behalf :-)

9Can I add items on my existing order?

You can’t unfortunately add any items with existing orders. Should you wish to change your order, your existing order will have to be cancelled and a new order will have to be placed with Team Vitality.

10How long will orders take to arrive?

Office and Home deliveries are between 8am- 5pm Monday to Friday. We unfortunately can't guarantee exact delivery times due to the wide range of areas that we service.