September 29, 2015

Let’s get personal: what you need to know about cem in ecommerce

The days where it was possible to rule the ecommerce roost by virtue of being the only players in the market are over. In the last year or so, the ecommerce market has exploded.
March 15, 2016

International lessons for e-retail in SA

Can online retail trends work in South Africa?
May 13, 2016

Mobile wallets ‘key’ to SA e-commerce

South African consumers will only switch to digital wallets if the technology proves to deliver significant benefits over cash
July 1, 2016

Ways to get more repeat customers

Credit for this article goes to: Akira Terwin As an online store, you may spend a lot of time and money concentrating your marketing efforts on getting the brand out there in the e-commerce space and attracting a host of prospective new buyers who are used to spending money online. […]
July 15, 2016

A/B Testing in Email Marketing

By Kyle Reddy In my previous blog post I discussed A/B testing for online stores and the positive impact it can have on the overall performance of the store. My second installment in the A/B testing series is related to email marketing and why A/B testing emails is essential. In […]